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About Us:

Good afternoon, dear visitors!

Our names are Aleksei and Tatiana, we are husband and wife, who are fond of creative work and everything that is directly related to it

Our children - Dima, Zlata and Arthur  take part in the opening of the House of Dolls and Paintings together with us. All our relatives support us as well.

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Our exhibition space has the status of the international one, because it brings together artists from different countries and cities


This is a full-scale realization of the “City Dolls” project, which was first presented in 2016 at the "Art of the Doll" exhibition in Moscow and since that time is held there annually.

The idea of gallery arose from a small dream, made back in 2017 at the wish fulfillment marathon of Elena Blinovskaya.

Блиновская, май 2019

I really wanted to have a beautiful bright place somewhere in the center of the city, where people could come and observe our creative works. I also wanted to give  different artists opportunities to travel with their creative works to our lands.

In the photo you can see Elena Blinovskaya with her painting "Mistress of fate" that was created especially for her. 

If you pass this marathon from the beginning till the end your life will never be the same.

You will find a new circle of contacts, a new job and in general everything will become totally different. Therefore, this marathon is only for those who are ready for changes in their lives.


As time went on, my paintings began to be exhibited in the museums of Russia at solo exhibitions in 2018, there was not enough place at home to accommodate all the creative processes and then the vision board, created after the New Year 2019, began to work

Радужная маска шамана. Сила природы.-Сент.2018Три зимы,Холода. 2019,Папье-маше,акрил,дерево, трикотаж 61b009dd-38ee-4a2c-91a7-bde6baa6ec4c

watch my work here

I suggested that my husband and I should transport everything to the workshop, where we can work together at our projects and at the same time organize an art space for people to come.

We have been creating together since 2018.

My husband does woodcarving and helps me to realize my most challenging ideas concerning doll making, he prepares wood canvases for my works as well.

In the summertime we try to visit various places of power as much as possible and bring natural materials for our creative works from there.

It is very exciting!

Our children also help us to collect materials of natural origin.

Traveling about places of power (Baikal, Arshan, Nilova Pustyn, Buryatia), we find many different interesting ideas and collect interesting gifts of nature for their realization.

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We began to search for the best place for our gallery in spring 2019, we tried to choose the most suitable one and finally the moment came and we are ready to open the doors to visitors!

Everything is well-designed here and almost everything is handmade.

Here, on this web-site, we express our deep gratitude to everyone, who helped us find ourselves and realize our plans!

We express gratitude to our friends and relatives, to Elena Blinovskaya with her classes on the correct wording and her Wish fulfillment marathon; to the people we met while traveling around the region in 2018-2019.

We express special gratitude to the artists, who gladly agreed to send their creative works to our exhibition and to everybody, even to randomly encountered people, thanks to whom many things became clear to us.

Life always gives us a thousand opportunities.

And it all depends on how willing we are to accept them!

It all depends on the purity of our thoughts and readiness for change!

And you need to believe in yourself and your strength.

No one but us knows what we are capable of and what we can do.

The main thing is to believe and go for your dream!

And many thanks to everyone we meet again, because nothing happens by chance!

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Tourist ticket, category B - 325 rub. / and 295 rub. for groups of more than 20 people

The price can be reduced at the conclusion of an agency agreement with a travel company.

This category includes adult visitors living outside the territory of Irkutsk region, guests of our city from Russia or other countries.

We transfer 10% of ticket sales to charity for orphanages.

You can see reports on the website.

According to the agreement, we provide an agency fee in the amount of 10% of the cost for the group organizers and agents.

VIP ticket is only for those who have purchased a ticket on the website.

In this case, the ticket price is only 100 rub., for any category of citizens regardless of their place of residence.

The only condition is to agree on the time of the visit.

To do this, after buying a ticket call us at (3952) 623-508 or 89025687991 and agree on the date and time of visiting the gallery.

We will write down your full name and phone number, as well as offer a time for visiting the gallery.

Garkusha Aleksei Vasilevich, Director, freelance artist: « In 2019, the spouse offered to organize our own art space outside the home and we started searching for it. A lot of time and efforts were spent on determining and starting a new project and most importantly, this project became our family one. Now we can create all together in our workshop, meet the guests and residents of our city in the gallery».

Garkusha Tatiana Valerevna, Mastermind, doll-maker: « It all started with primitive dolls in 2015, when Arthur was born, the third child in our family.  By 2018, our whole family has plunged into the creative work. Now our art space is an international gallery, where the paintings of artists from different countries and cities are represented and our family workshop, and a school of art for children and adults.

plan of events and exhibitions

  • City dolls: from July 9 to October 10, 2019
  • World secrets of primitives from October 13 to December 31, 2019
  • Holy Faces of Baikal - from January 15 to March 31, 2020

Our contacts


+7 9025687991

for calls

(3952) 623-508



Reception of calls: from 09.00 to 20.00, daily. Registration for group excursions is required


Russia, Irkutsk city, 664001, Rabochego Shtaba st. 1/6, Svetly Residential Complex

to the right of the church and the monument to Kolchak

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